Hi! My name is Alvin Kim and I am a Los Angeles based photographer/videographer passionate about advertising and branding.


Companies and brands enjoy working with me due to my deep-rooted entrepreneurship background complemented with my creative background. 

Aside from my creative journey that began in middle school, I have a background working for a corporate startup, Design-Thinking & Innovation training from the Stanford University Design School, and multi-state fundraising experience with federal government entities.

From on-location and studio e-commerce campaigns to social media 4K videos and model casting, I enjoy working with a wide ​variety of commercial clients looking to create photos and videos that are culturally relevant to today's ever-changing market.

Look forward to working with you!

Why work with Alvin

1) Understanding your needs

Whether we are shooting on location for your next campaign or in a studio for your e-commerce photos, I feel confident in bringing your vision to life. If you operate in an industry that I am not familiar with, I would love to learn about it and ensure that we are accurately presenting our work to your target market, while being culturally relevant.

2) Reliable

I understand the stress and burden it comes with putting a campaign together and/or working with a vendor virtually. I will exhaust my resources to ensure that all your needs are met— it helps both of us go to sleep better at night (if I go to sleep for once). I am also very flexible. Every brand is unique and it doesn't make sense to have a cookie-cutter workflow.

4) Quality

I pride in being able to deliver quality work with quality gear. Industry-leading quality gear add industry-leading production value. I would be happy to provide a full list of my current gear upon request.

3) Intentional

My prior website & content design experience helps me be intentional about how our work can help your branding/advertising.


On-Location Photography (outdoors)

E-Commerce / White Background Photography (studio)

4K Video / GIFs

High-End Retouching

Model Scouting / Casting

Location Scouting

Campaign Coordination

Others As Necessary


For the most accurate quote, please answer the following questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours:

Where are we shooting?
What subject(s) are we shooting?

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch soon.