Why shoot with me:

As someone who is heavily invested in the entrepreneurship ecosystem outside of photography, brand/commercial photography comes close to my heart. 

1) I understand your needs. I understand your needs in both the business owner's perspective, as well as the consumer's perspective. Whether we are shooting outdoors for your next campaign or in a studio for your e-commerce photos, I feel confident in bringing your vision to life through photography and videography.

2) I am reliable. I understand the stress and burden it comes with putting a campaign together and/or working with a vendor virtually. I will exhaust my resources to ensure that all your needs are met— it helps both of us go to sleep better at night (if I go to sleep for once). I am also very flexible. Every brand is unique and it doesn't make sense to have a cookie-cutter workflow.   

3) I am intentional. With my website and content designing experience prior to professional photography and videography, I am very intentional about how the photo(s)/video(s) can help your business. 

4) I reinvest in my work. Most of the income I earn through photography and videography is reinvested in purchasing new gear such as my prime lenses to capture the most clear shots. I pride in being able to deliver quality work with quality gear. Quality gear adds production value.

5) I use best of the best. I only shoot with prime lenses to capture the most clear photos/footages on my Canon 1DX Mark II. 


E-Commerce / Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography

4K Product Video

360-degree Product Photo

Model + Location Scouting

Contract Writing / Technical Writing

Campaign Coordination

Others As Necessary


For the most accurate quote, please answer the following questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours:

Where are we shooting?
What subject(s) are we shooting?


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