Hi! My name is Alvin Kim and I am a Los Angeles based photographer/videographer passionate about advertising and branding.


Brands enjoy working with me due to my deep-rooted entrepreneurship background complemented with my creative background. 

Aside from my creative journey that began in middle school, I have a background working for a corporate startup, Design-Thinking & Innovation training from the Stanford University Design School, and multi-state fundraising experience with federal government entities.

From on-location and studio e-commerce campaigns to social media 4K videos and model casting, I enjoy working with a wide ​variety of commercial clients looking to create photos and videos that are culturally relevant.

Look forward to working with you!

Why work with Alvin

1) Understanding your needs

Whether we are shooting on location for your next campaign or in a studio for your e-commerce photos, I feel confident in bringing your vision to life. If you operate in an industry that I am not familiar with, I would love to learn about it and ensure that we are accurately presenting our work to your target market, while being culturally relevant.

2) Reliable

I understand the stress and burden it comes with putting a campaign together and/or working with a vendor virtually. I will exhaust my resources to ensure that all your needs are met— it helps both of us go to sleep better at night (if I go to sleep for once). I am also very flexible. Every brand is unique and it doesn't make sense to have a cookie-cutter workflow.

4) Quality

I pride in being able to deliver quality work with quality gear. Industry-leading quality gear add industry-leading production value. I would be happy to provide a full list of my current gear upon request.

3) Intentional

My prior website & content design experience helps me be intentional about how our work can help your branding/advertising.


On-Location Photography (outdoors)

E-Commerce / White Background Photography (studio)

4K Video / GIFs

High-End Retouching

Model Scouting / Casting

Location Scouting

Campaign Coordination

Others As Necessary


For the most accurate quote, please answer the following questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours:

Where are we shooting?
What subject(s) are we shooting?


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No human has ever failed in life with great enthusiasm and work ethic.

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