Why shoot with me:

With a diverse list of events that I have photographed, from VIP events to year-end formals, I feel confident in capturing all the memories made at the event.

As someone who has had his share of event planning, I understand the burden and stress that comes with putting your event together. I am here to ensure that this is a pain-free process so that you can enjoy planning your event and look forward to it. 


1) I take an artistic approach to the shots. I strive to be intentional with every photo that I take. Events can get hectic but I keep my focus on ensuring that I capture all the shots that you need while putting my artistic taste to them.

2) I am flexible. I am willing to work with your ideas. I understand that every event is unique and that it is nearly impossible to have a cookie-cutter workflow for every event. 

3) I use best of the best. Great equipment does not make one a better photographer, but it certainly adds greater value and quality. 




$50/hr coverage fee

+ $20 per photo selected to be edited

Full professional edit

Online proofing gallery (client picks the photos to be edited)

Example: a 3 hour event coverage with 30 edited photos would be $750

Optional popular add-on: purchase all unedited/raw photos from the event ($100 additional)

All events required a down deposit (the coverage fee) to book and the remaining (fee per photo) is due after the client selects the photos, and before editing starts.