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Hi! My name is Alvin Kim and I am a recent graduate of Texas Tech, as well as a commercial photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles.

While I was attending college, I had the opportunity of photographing hundreds of graduating seniors, and I am hoping to continue photographing more graduating students in Los Angeles.

1) A compliment that I receive from many, from experienced reputable professional models to clients with zero modeling experience, is that I am very efficient when I shoot. I use a unique shooting technique that most photographers do not use/do not know about, which enables me to take less photos but get more quality photos that are both artistically and scientifically great. 

2) I only use best of the best gear. Great gear does not necessarily make one a better photographer, but when it is paired with a good photographer, it creates magic. Great gear adds great production value and quality. I shoot with Canon 1DX Mark 2 camera and Sigma Art lenses. I only shoot with prime lenses to capture the sharpest photos.

3) I am very flexible. My clients enjoy working with me because I am very flexible. I understand that I cannot always have a cookie-cutter workflow. Want to split the bill for a session with a friend? Sure. Take photos with your cat on a leash? Let me know. I've done both and many more that you can possible imagine.






15 picked photos

Full professional edit

Natural skin retouching

Teeth whitening

Up to 2 locations on campus, Up to 2 outfits 

Expect to spend about 40 minutes

Online proofing gallery (you pick the photos)


40 picked photos

Full professional edit

Natural skin retouching

Teeth whitening

Multiple locations on campus, multiple outfits 

Expect to spend at least 1 hour

Online proofing gallery (you pick the photos)



5 picked photos

Full professional edit

Natural skin retouching

Teeth whitening

1 location on campus, 1 outfit

Expect to spend 5-15 minutes

Online proofing gallery (you pick the photos)


BOOK WITH YOUR FRIEND (20% discount per person— that's a lot)

Book the same session (time) with your friend but purchase your own package and get your own photos.

We will walk around together, but shoot you and your friend separately/individually. I have done tons of sessions like this and worked very well. Great way to save.

Don't have a friend in mind? Just let me know below and I can see if I can pair you up with someone.

BOOK HERE / 213-254-8514

Instagram DM: @alvinyjkim

You can also contact me directly below (responds within minutes to hours):


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