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2AM Instagram DMs turned into my favorite swim shoot

Sunny SoCal weather, productive shoot, motorcycle ride w/ a view.

I woke up to a random DM preview notification. I had set an alarm for 5AM to gym early in the morning, so I almost contemplated not opening the DM. But I saw that the sender took the time to add a little emoji at the end of the DM, so I opened it. I like friendly people :-)

23 minutes and 2 moodboards later, we had a location and date set for the shoot. I went back to sleep and never got back up for the gym. There's always a tomorrow.

@REAGANHEGERMAN | Will Rogers State Beach 2PM


Canon 1DX Mark 2 | Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L | Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Art | Canon PowerShot SD1200IS | GoPro 8 | Movo HSG-2 Dual Strap


Subject: @reaganhegerman | Behind-the-Scenes: @zachhanson


@alvinyjkim PRESETS - NOSTALGIC CALIFORNIA (store coming soon)


PACSUN swimwear + H&M accessories | Coconut Spray Oil for body shine

Always good to have your model on her tippy toes for swim. Elongates the body figure and engages leg + lower back muscles for a better body definition.

Reagan is 5'8". Good height for swim. I am about 5'11" (6'4" with bed hair) and her legs are longer than mine.

Big shout out to Zach for his BTS help.

Same butt different.

Always love throwing in variety shots. Both shot on my 100mm. Swim and accessories brands, let's work: (free quote)

Behind-the-scenes shot by Zach with his Sony

Cruising up and down PCH to dry off. I grew up watching dudes cruise on their bikes along the PCH and pop wheelies. Always fantasized cruising here on a black bike wearing all black myself as a kid. Law of Attraction, baby. Look at the bug head behind me.


Please watch this

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