• @alvinyjkim

2AM Instagram DMs turned into my favorite swim shoot

Sunny SoCal weather, productive shoot, motorcycle ride w/ a view.

I woke up to a random DM preview notification. I had set an alarm for 5AM to gym early in the morning, so I almost contemplated not opening the DM. But I saw that the sender took the time to add a little emoji at the end of the DM, so I opened it. I like friendly people :-)

23 minutes and 2 moodboards later, we had a location and date set for the shoot. I went back to sleep and never got back up for the gym. There's always a tomorrow.

@REAGANHEGERMAN | Will Rogers State Beach 2PM


Canon 1DX Mark 2 | Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L | Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Art | Canon PowerShot SD1200IS | GoPro 8 | Movo HSG-2 Dual Strap


Subject: @reaganhegerman | Behind-the-Scenes: @zachhanson


@alvinyjkim PRESETS - NOSTALGIC CALIFORNIA (store coming soon)


PACSUN swimwear + H&M accessories | Coconut Spray Oil for body shine

Always good to have your model on her tippy toes for swim. Elongates the body figure and engages leg + lower back muscles for a better body definition.