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Daycation + beach town shoot in Catalina Island

Great food, company, and location

I met Lauren on Instagram a while back through hashtags when I was shooting a lot of sororities in college and needed inspiration for sorority photos. She was also in college in Denver and we chatted about shooting if she ever came out to LA.

Lauren ended up moving out to LA and we finally got to plan a shoot in Catalina Island. I have been wanting to shoot in Catalina for a very long time and thought Lauren might photograph well there.

Lauren ended up inviting a friend who was in town from Chicago and we had a great time. I recommend all photographers in LA to shoot in Catalina. Very cost and time friendly/worthy.




Canon 1DX Mark 2 | Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L | Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Art

Model: @laurenlamp | Friend/Subject: @jessicanysted


@alvinyjkim PRESETS - NOSTALGIC CALIFORNIA (store coming soon)


SHEIN swimwear | Coconut Spray Oil for body shine

Arrived in Avalon, Catalina Island.

The Catalina Express ferry leaves from Long Beach and the round trip costs $74.50 per person. Considering that a decent Peerspace location costs $150/hr before cleaning fees in Los Angeles, $223.50 for a daycation for 3 people is very cost friendly.

We were all super hungry on the ferry ride. Found this Mexican place called Maggie's Blue Rose Mexican (5~10 minute walking distance from the harbor) and stopped by before we started shooting. This burrito is a lot bigger in person. I think it was around $18.

What the girls brought to style with

Middle Beach

F2.8 | 1/4000 sec. | ISO 500 | 70mm

Very busy background but I liked the busy background. All the colors and people really added to the story. Some kid asked if we were famous. I wanted to give him a hug.

Island Spa Catalina

F2.8 | 1/2500 sec. | ISO 250 | 70mm

We walked around to find a less busy background so that I can be more intentional about composing. Swim and accessories brands, let's work: (free quote)

Really liked the beach town colors and architecture. The skinny palm trees added to the vibe. I think palm trees make people happy.

Lauren + Jess | Bellanca Hotel

F4.0 | 1/1250 sec. | ISO 500 | 70mm

I was really glad that Jess got to come with us. She photographed well and was very good at taking posing directions despite it being her first time shooting like this (I think that's what she said) and not having a modeling background.

Behind the scenes

Avalon Residential Area Near Hotel Catalina

F2.8~5.0 | 1/640~6400 sec. | ISO 160~500 | 70~100mm

We decided to go up the street and shoot between the houses for diffused lighting in the shade. At one point, random kids came out of their homes to ask Lauren about modeling and admired the girls.

Avalon Residential Area Near Hotel Catalina

F2.8 | 1/800~6400 sec. | ISO 250 | 29~70mm

The sun was coming down and we worked our way back to the harbor to catch our returning ferry ride.

Returning Ferry Ride | Avalon Harbor

F2.8 | 1/600~800sec. | ISO 250 | 24~29mm

The 7:30PM returning ferry ride was scenic. It aligned well with the 8PM summer sunset. The ferry ride can get cold when the sun goes down, so I suggest bringing a jacket. Got back to Long Beach, picked up some McDonald's and wrapped our day.

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