What is this?

Hi! You are receiving this link because we are planning your graduation shoot together. Whether you were volun-forced by your beloved mother to get your grad photos done or you just wanted photos for social media, I am glad that you have chosen me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I have put this page together to ensure that you put in as little effort as possible to plan this shoot. This is all you need to know:


1) What do I wear?: black, red, white outfit(s) look best on campus. Most people don't wear their gowns so that they can show their outfit better in the photos (also looks more modern). Please feel free to bring your stole to put over your outfit (be careful planning your red outfit, your stole is also red). If you don't have a stole, just let me know in advance and I'll bring mine!

2) How do I do my makeup/grooming?: Avoid dark (black, purple, etc.) lipsticks. Natural/natural glam makeup work well. Ironed clothes and trimmed hair/facial hair can go a long way. 

3) Can I bring props? Of course! Cheap Walmart champagne, confetti, balloons, etc. are all okay. I won't judge you for being extra.

About confetti: if you are wanting to use confetti, try to buy smaller ones. Avoid buying the confetti cannon, they're unnecessarily huge, loud, and a lot of people will frown on you for making a mess.


4) How do I pay you? You most likely have made your 40% down deposit by now! I take the rest (60%) after the shoot and before I send the online proofing gallery for you to pick the photos from. People usually just Venmo me or give me cash when we are finished with the shoot. Venmo, cash, Paypal, Cash App, etc. are all okay!

5) Are you going to take forever to edit the photos? No, I will send you all the edited photos within 10 days from the day that you pick your photos from the online proofing gallery. No, I do not use watermarks— they are tacky. 

6) Can my (fill in the blank) come? Boy/girlfriend, roommate, mom, dog, Bumble match, you name it, I have shot them. You are more than welcome to bring someone along for moral support or join in some of the photos. 

7) Where are we shooting?: this route is the most desired route/locations on campus for graduation photos (even HSC students):

Full Shoot: Physics/Geosciences Building stairs > Chemistry Building archway > Will Rogers and Soapsuds horse statue OR Admin Building > TTU Seal/Fountain. 

Standard Shoot: Chemistry Building Archway > TTU Seal/Fountain

Mini Shoot: TTU Seal/Fountain

If you had other location(s) in mind, please let me know in advance! We can either swap out locations or create a different route. 

8) Don't shoot with a stranger: get to know my background by clicking on the button below. If you absolutely want to see what my face looks like, please feel free to stalk my Instagram highlights labeled, 'ME.'


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