Hi! My name is Alvin Kim and I am a recent graduate of Texas Tech, as well as a commercial photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles. I was recently presented with an opportunity to visit Lubbock and am hoping to connect with local photographers by offering shadow sessions!

This is for you if you are one or more of the following:

- wanting to get into Texas Tech graduation photography

- want to get better at graduation photography

- want my graduation photos presets 

- learn all my tips and tricks for graduation photography 

- want to learn my unique shooting technique to take less photos but produce more quality photos

- want to get started in photography business or expand

- need someone to critique your website and social media. Or how to even get started in these.

- need more clients and need someone to vouch for you

As a photographer, the number 1 resource that you have is time. It takes time to learn to take photos, edit, pose your subjects, build a business, etc. But what if you are too busy with school, work, and life and don’t really have the time to watch hundreds of Youtube videos and go out to shoot, only to see mediocre results?


$100 (30% discount if booked a virtual workshop in the past)


  • Join me at one of my TTU graduation photo sessions and shadow

  • Be a second shooter if you wish (shoot over my shoulder)

  • Complimentary: I will take a few photos of you holding your camera and send you one (1) edited photo. I can edit this photo with you during our 1-on-1 session if you want to see me edit/retouch a portrait (Lightroom + Photoshop). Great for your profile picture and/or website + email signatures.


  • Sit down at [Market Street/Starbucks/Library/SUB] after the shoot and edit a few photos from the session with me so you can see my entire workflow

  • We will create a set of presets from the session and I will give it to you for you to use

  • I will show/teach/talk about all editing/gear/business questions you have and won’t go home until all your questions are answered. 





  • Shadow an entire session

  • Be a second shooter if you wish (shoot over my shoulder)

  • I will show/teach/talk about any editing/gear/business questions while we are shooting, as long as it is not intrusive to my client (the client will know that you are coming in advance)


If you are sold—

Fill out the form below and I’ll message you on Instagram to confirm.


Full payment is due at the time of booking via major money transfer app (Venmo, Paypal, Zelle)— I'll message you the details. 




1) It has been 5 months since I left Lubbock but I still get inquiries to book graduation photos at Tech. In the future, I will refer these potential clients to you and let them know that you have shadowed my grad sessions. I am expecting to receive even more inquiries especially after this trip.

2) Would be happy to help promote your business/photography interests on my Instagram story so that it can bring some traffic to your Instagram account (this has helped a handful of Lubbock photographers in the past).



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