How did I go from shooting my Tinder matches on my iPhone 6 to shooting 2~6 clients Monday through Sunday on a $7,000 camera set-up?


Throughout our 30~45 minute 1-on-1 virtual workshop (video conference), I will not only show you how I edit photos from scratch and give you my RAW photos to edit along, but also answer ALL your photography, business, and marketing questions.

Are you too awkward/shy/scared to sign up? No worries, I’ve been on countless video conferences and have seen it all. I’m used to it. It’s very normal :-)

I am already sold. Let me sign up.



$200 per session

We will talk about as many topics as you’d like from the list below through a video conference.

I’m flexible with topics/questions as long as we fit everything within 30~45 minutes. If we end up going over 30~45 minutes, you will not be charged more.



  • Watch me edit in real-time from scratch on Lightroom or/and Photoshop depending on your needs

  • I’ll watch you edit my RAW photos to ensure that you got it down

  • How you can find people to shoot with for portfolio + what demographics to target

  • Other topics as desired/necessary


  • What you can do so that you never have issues with clients: 1) Not paying 2) Not giving credit for photos 3) Asking for RAWs

  • Why I modeled my business after car manufacturers and wholesale companies, not traditional professional photography businesses

  • How to build a website (paid vs. free)

  • Website critiquing (if you have a website)

  • Other topics as desired/necessary


  • What I did to get my name out to the most amount of people possible within my community in the shortest amount of time possible

  • What I do to grow my Instagram organically

  • What free website many photographers, influencers, marketing firms, and I use to create/design social media content 

  • Why I post what I post

  • Other topics as desired/necessary

If you are sold—

Fill out the form below and I’ll message you on Instagram to confirm. 


Payment is due at the time of booking via major money transfer app (Venmo, Paypal, Zelle)— I'll message you the details. The online workshop will take place through video conferencing and I will provide you with a link to the video conference.



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