Los Angeles creative.

To describe myself in one sentence— I am a Los Angeles creative who is passionate about creating, boxing, and riding motorcycles.

My journey as a photographer started in middle school. I was gifted a small point-and-shoot camera for Christmas and started finding my love for photography.

Fun fact: prior to transferring to Texas Tech, I got to play on the Men's Football team for Kansas Wesleyan University. I played superback, a running back + receiver hybrid.


Visual creatives through art and science.

My photography and videography workflow is heavily driven by my previous design experience and family background.  

In the past years, I have professionally pursued website design and content design. Through designing websites and contents, I always followed the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Stupid) theory. 

My family has been heavily invested in the fashion industry in Los Angeles for the past 30+ years. Growing up, my family always preached The Rule of Thirds: no more than three different textiles, three different colors, and three different accessories in your outfit.

I use the two lessons I learned to compose my photos + videos and take an artistic approach to create a unique shot, while taking a scientific approach to attract the human eye.


Cybersecurity. Boxing. Motorcycles.

Outside of my creative journey, I am heavily invested in cybersecurity, boxing, and motorcycles. Recently, I held a cybersecurity role with Mayo Clinic, protecting over 1.3 million patients and ensuring that their health records and equipment are secured from malicious hackers. I have been boxing since I was 15 and am hoping to obtain my license for a fight in California before I am too old. 


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No human has ever failed in life with great enthusiasm and work ethic.

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