Los Angeles creative.

To describe myself in one sentence— I am a Los Angeles creative who is passionate about photo/video, fitness, and riding motorcycles. 

My journey as a photographer started in middle school. I was gifted a small point-and-shoot camera for Christmas and started finding my love for photography. It was always a privilege to grow up in the beautiful city of Los Angeles and have ample access to beautiful locations and views.

Fun fact: I am a graduate of Texas Tech University. I played on the Men's Football team for Kansas Wesleyan University prior to transferring to Tech. I played superback, a running back + receiver hybrid.


Everything outside of photography + videography

While finishing my business degree at Texas Tech, I was heavily involved in the Innovation + Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Many startup accelerators and pitch competitions led me to being named Stanford University's Innovation Fellow. Ultimately, I had the opportunity of winning numerous federal grants for commercialization research opportunities that let me dive deeper into market research and customer discoveries for startups. Such background has tremendously helped me when consulting my digital media clients.

My former professional career was in corporate cybersecurity engineering. One of the roles that I held in the past is working for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, protecting over 1.3 million patients and ensuring that their health records and equipment are secured from malicious hackers.


Motorcycles and fitness 

When I am not shooting or editing, I am often found at the gym or on the Pacific Coast Highway riding my motorcycle. There's nothing more refreshing than riding out to Malibu to catch the sunrise after a long night of editing.  


One of the strange side hustles I pursued in college (besides being a lumberjack for a local pastor in Kansas) was teaching people how to box and always enjoyed being active. Through different disciplines of fitness, I do my best to keep up with my health and wellness, which usually just offsets with my odd sleeping schedule due to late night editing.